TELE-PMA Switzerland

Program Presentation

August, 2020


14:00 – 15:00 CEST

Dear valued Microsoft Partner,

We would like to share an exciting opportunity with you to add value to your business.

During this webinar we will introduce you to an exclusive program to help you take your business to the next level through our Tele Partner Marketing Advisory Program (Tele-PMA).

We will run an Online Presence Assessment and based on the outcome, our Tele-PMA will be able to give you advice on what marketing tools could further boost and optimize your online presence. We will provide you guidance on how to activate different marketing tools on the Microsoft Go-To-Market (GTM) platform, as well as give you insights on the possibility to activate a 3-month Digital Demand Generation Program.   To learn in detail about the program listed below, make sure to join the webinar on the 24th of August at 14:00.

Please be aware that this webinar is purely informational. Registering for the webinar does not automatically correspond to program enrollment.

Partner Marketing Advisory Program Offerings

• Conduct a Marketing and Online Platform Assessment (including web and social media presence) and review findings with you to help you expand your customer reach.

• Educate you on Microsoft GTM offerings and Warm handoff to the GTM Services Desk to expedite the execution of recommendations that increase customer awareness and accelerate sales pipeline.

• Provide recommendations on your organization’s current marketing plan, identify Go-To-Market opportunities, and build a joint Go-To-Market plan with you.

• Support optimizing impact of Digital Demand Generation Program (Accelerator) with regular check-ins throughout the engagement on campaign results, review how conversion to SQL is progressing and providing tips and tricks.

Partners who have leveraged the Tele-PMA service in the past, have been able to build a sales pipeline by leveraging Microsoft GTM offerings to develop demand generation campaigns. They’ve boosted awareness and promoted their solution through social media, listing optimization, and other marketing strategies.

What you'll need to participate

A dedicated marketing contact who will connect on weekly 1:1s with your Tele-PMA.

Please note that the program will be available only for a total of 9 partners. The slots will be assigned to the partners on a first come first served basis. The duration of the program is 3 months.


JW Barkmeijer

Partner Marketing Advisor for SMB and Central GTM Microsoft

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