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Summarized, whats in it for you:

  • 3 GRC Solution Builder modules with the most effective solution architectures, prepared with the best learning techniques and worksheets
  • 3 crystal clear sessions for theory + bonus Q&A session for your questions per GRC Solution Builder module and focused solution descriptions
  • 3 Challenges for Implementing Solution Architectures Supported by a Private GitHub Repository
  • Access to the closed GRC Solution Builder Community, where your questions will be answered by me or other participants or you will receive tips on how to continue if you come to a standstill

Achieve direct and unparalleled benefits in the areas of governance, compliance, risk and privacy through clear best practices in the use of relevant Microsoft technologies.

As a security expert, data analyst, data protection or security officer, you will be able to establish tailor-made solutions for compliance with regulations for your company or your customer. Challenges such as multi-cloud scenarios, the correct protection and storage of data, insider risks and various privacy requests can be handled innovatively by you.

  • If the SC-900, SC-100, and SC-400 certifications have been on your target for a long time, then you can enter them super-easily in your success diary.
  • How about standing out for you as an expert and at the same time enabling customers or your company to find a sustainable solution or helping to advance the achievement of Microsoft partner goals.
  • Your implementations provide customers or your company with a comprehensible and manageable solution that provides the most diverse and diverse requirements in the fulfillment of regulations.
  • You use and apply the insights gained directly to create optimal and amazing offers for customers and companies.

I know the challenges in this area only too well and in my opinion, you do not have to go through my mistakes and pitfalls. Through my daily work with the associated processes/regulations, requirements and Microsoft technologies as a solution architect, author and coach, I am consistently in contact with these topics. My joy in learning and in the simple and crystal-clear transfer of the acquired knowledge I am always happy to pass on such topics with efficient learning methods.

Maybe you've ever fought your way through the mountains of information in vain? That's exactly why you'll learn the crucial and surprisingly effective blueprints in the 3 modules to get only what you really need!

  • You will get to know the 5 basic technologies for compliance with safety requirements and regulations and know the possibilities to make use of clear synergies and to establish a transparent and sustainable solution.
  • You create crystal-clear information that reflects the status of the organization and how the different implementations can be advanced in a targeted manner.
  • You can optimally assess and implement requirements in the areas of governance, security, compliance, and privacy.
  • You manage to crystallize the urgent needs of your customers or your company and cover them in the shortest possible time.
  • You will develop an effective and robust set of tools to optimally master the implementations around information and data protection.

Take personal success and your company in the field of information and data protection into your hands and get started this year. Time is of the essence as the market is eagerly looking for you!

Implement information protection

GRC - 1.1 | 07 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00

Implement information protection

GRC - 2.1 | 08 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00

Implement information protection

GRC - 3.1 | 09 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00

Solution based Demos and Q&A

GRC - Q&A | 11 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00