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Summarized, whats in it for you:

  • 3 SecOps Solution Builder modules with the most effective solution architectures, prepared with the best learning techniques and worksheets
  • 3 crystal clear sessions for theory + bonus Q&A session for your questions per Security Solution Builder module and focused solution descriptions
  • 3 Challenges for Implementing Solution Architectures Supported by a Private GitHub Repository
  • Access to the closed SecOps Solution Builder Community, where your questions will be answered by me or other participants or you will receive tips on how to continue if you actually come to a standstill

Get a detailed and unique blueprint for building and operating security measures and operations using Microsoft technologies.

With which you start as a security analyst, administrator, security officer or expert and give your customers or your company a crystal clear view of security in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

  • Imagine that you can safely say that you are optimally prepared for the Microsoft exams SC-100, SC-200 and SC-900 and  can  put them in the bag efficiently and with manageable effort.
  • Your personal expertise stands out from the majority of security professionals , and you'll also help provide your business or customers with a proactive and distinctive security hub.
  • Your solutions help your customers or your company because they take a holistic approach and also simplify complex issues and bring the long-awaited transparency to this matter.
  • When asked what a solution looks like in a smaller company or for a security vendor, you can simply reach into your solution case and easily present and demonstrate a solution approach.

Through the many projects, trainings and workshops around the world, I am aware of the challenges in this environment. As a solution architect, author and coach , I regularly work my way through the overpowering available content in order to prepare it for you in a crystal-clear and easy-to-understand way. The biggest goal is to fill your precious time with content as effectively as possible.

For this reason, you will learn the most important and powerful solutions in the 3 modules. Without much ado and directly to the point without having to work through the mountains on documentation.

  • You will learn to implement the 3 basic technologies for active protection and monitoring of security in the Azure and M365 world and to make the synergies of the individual components usable for effective use.
  • You create visualizations and automations that security officers and security teams want for small and large infrastructures. A clear orientation towards standards such as.ISO, NIST and GDPR is only one positive aspect of your future implementations.
  • You manage to meet the urgent needs of customers or your company in the shortest possible time by putting together and learning to use your own set of tools. This means that you always have everything with you and at hand.

Take the security of your customers and your company into your hands now and protect ACTIVELY! Close the huge gap of security experts with your newly acquired knowledge and know your way out with a high level of certification.

Mitigate Threats using Microsoft 365 Defender

SecOps - 1.1 | 31 Oct - 13:00 to 15:00

Mitigate Threats using Microsoft 365 Defender

SecOps - 2.1 | 01 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00

Mitigate Threats using Microsoft 365 Defender

SecOps - 3.1 | 02 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00

Solution based Demos and Q&A

SecOps – Q&A | 04 Nov - 13:00 to 15:00